Senin, 13 Mei 2013

Takabonerate Island, South Sulawesi

TakabonerateTakabonerate lies southwest of Selayar island and is the third largest coral atoll in the world (the largest is Kwajalein in the Marshall islands and the second largest Suvadiva in the Maldives). Spread over 2,220 square kilometer (21 small islands) in the Flores Sea, there are coral reef and seagrass ecosystems. The atoll offers some very good wall diving. Visibility is normally around 30 meter. The atoll rises sharply from the side of a submerged ridge 2,000 meter below the surface. It is said to have been a huge volcano, that has since subsided, leaving a wide ring of coral. The area is an Indonesian National Marine Park and as such there should be no fishing.

There seems to be some areas with damage from dynamite fishing though. It is not clear how extensive they are. Diving is normaly done in the untouched areas. Topographic area is very unique and interesting, where atol group consisting of islands and coral reef a broad and sunken, forming the islands with a rather large amount. Among the islands reef, there is a narrow strait, the passage in and pitched. While on the coral reef surface, there are many ponds in the small and surrounded by coral reefs. At the lowest ebb, with a clearly visible and the dry land with water that formed a small swimming-pool. Visit best season: April until June or October until December each year.

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